The Future of Construction


Bob France

The construction industry has long suffered from the stigma that it’s slow to implement technology to improve practices and processes. And while we understand that stigmas typically develop from at least some basis in fact, the construction industry is now fully embracing technology and it has changed the landscape of our work for the better. Continue reading “The Future of Construction”


Evaluating Your Current Manufacturing Space to Build Value

Bob France

About 20 years ago, Harvard Business Review published an article on “Managing Real Estate to Build Value.”  It asked one basic question:  Can we reduce the amount of space we’re using? It said five factors provide a snapshot of a company’s real estate situation:

Amount:  Can we reduce the amount of space we’re using?

Price: Can we reduce the price we’re paying for space?

Grade: Can we do business as effectively in a different type and class of facility?

Area:  Can we do business in another submarket in the region?

Risk: Can we reduce the environmental and financial risks of occupying this real estate?

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